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The Japan Poker Association is the only government recognized organization for Poker. (2011)

The Japan Poker Association (JPA) is registered as a Non Profit Organization.

The purpose of the organization is to widely spread the game of poker into Japanese culture, and to become a route for Japanese players to play in events abroad. We have seen many Japanese players do well in famous poker tournaments. Although it is illegal to gamble in Japan, we hold many tournaments that act as satellites to tournaments outside of Japan since it is the one of the purposes of the JPA.
Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya (Sapporo to Fukuoka) All Japan's poker spot and clubs are the subject of our Activity.


1. Player Support System
We support Japanese Players who try for abroad tournaments.
Abroad tournament such as APPT, APT, Aussie Millions, WPT, WSOP.
It depend on how we contact them, we give out deal for players, arrange the tour, or cash support.
It is difficult for Japanese Players to go abroad to join the tournament. It takes more time and money than who ever live near the casino or tournament area.

2. Sending Japanese Team
Many Japanese Players have been made mark on famous tournament, We create team to compete International Competition.
Member of International Federation of Poker

3. Satellite for Abroad Tournament
Satellite tournaments held often to provide opportunities to players


Chief of Executive Trustee
Takuo Serita

Executive Trustee
Naruhito Matsunaga

Mamoru Takahashi
Kiyomi Tagawa
Tsutomu Ito

Masahiko Nasu
Takuya Suzuki

Tatsuya Watanabe

Yorozu Maekawa

Mitsuhito Ishii

Mari Fukunaga

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